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B. Voc Mass Communication and Journalism Course Details

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    Mass Communication and Journalism Course

             Are you interested in the media industry? Do you want to become a part of it or to wo serk in the industry? Then you have reached the right article. In this article we will discuss the degree which is required for a journalism professional or the media sector.

             Journalism has played an important role for the whole world. It also played an important role in the independence of India freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and others used media to convey their message to their followers and the British government. Journalism has always been the revolution maker or part of the revolution. 

    Introduction - 

    Let's know in detail about the degree of B. Voc. Mass. Communication and Journalism.  
    The duration of this degree is 3 years which also provides you a bachelor's degree. The requirements to pursue a degree is 12th pass or equivalent qualifications students from any stream can apply for the admissions. 

    Admission process - 

    If we talk about the admission process, each institute has different scales to test your skill. Some institutes run entrance exams while some institutes take admission on the basis of your 12th marks in these institutes you can take admissions directly by applying for the admissions only if you are passing the percentage criteria by the institute.

    Higher studies - 

    If you are interested to go for higher studies after graduation and to achieve a masters degree. There are so many options available for you to continue this degree will help you to broaden your area of knowledge. 

    Syllabus of bvoc mass communication and journalism - 

             Since bvoc Mass Communication And journalism is under graduation level course. So you get chance to study 5 humanity subjects as well as mass communication subjects. The basic subjects to study within B voc Mass Communication And journalism syllabus is as follows- 
    • Communicative Hindi
    • Communicative English
    • Indian society
    • Indian economy
    • Indian polity
    • Communication studies
    • Science of communication
    • Print media
    • Electronic media
    • New media
    • Social media
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Corporate communication
    • Cinema studies
    • Audio and video production
    • Camera tools
    • Videography and photography
    • Academic research
    • Communication research

    Notable people who pursued Mass Communication and Journalism Course - 

    • Shahrukh Khan has a degree from Jamia university Delhi. 
    • Randeep Hooda also has a degree in communications.
    • The list is so long that we can't discuss it right now if we do we will miss our topic. 
    • Job opportunities after mass communication and Journalism. 

         As we can see from the examples that we can make our career in film making also after the degree and you also have options to join a media company and go to a regular job.
         When we decide to pursue any degree the first point of concern always remains the same which is a decent job. It is not an easy task in India to get a job offer for a bachelor's degree. In the media sector there is always a requirement of fresh faces.

          After getting the degree of B. Voc Mass Communication and Journalism one can apply in different types of media. In the television, radio, newspapers & magazines and various types of digital media. So, there are decent chances to get a job in the media sector if you have completed your studies seriously. 

    Public Relations -

    Public relations is also an option available to make a career in the industry. Public relation is a high paid profession,which is present in many profitable and non-profitable organizations. Government has also established PR in many ministries and government offices. 

    Political parties also hire Public relation companies to plan their election campaigns. If you have skill to manage the public or you want to develop this skill you can pursue B.vov in mass comm and journalism.

    Income after B. voc Mass communication and Journalism Course -

               Income differs in the media industry as like other industries. The stipend may depend upon the state you are living in, experience, designation, organization you are working for. 
    In total we can say that if you are hard working and a bit of talent you can receive a handsome amount of salary per-month. 

             Journalism is a job of responsibility.  Every small activity would have a big impact on the society, so the person who is willing to work in the media industry should have a responsible nature and seriousness towards their work.

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