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Oh God! Please save the Earth - Aprajita Tiwari

(Photo Credit - Pixabay)

   Perhaps the reason for this shock is the uproar weaving in my autocratic mind, I am surprised, but I have no doubt of losing any of my close ones. The atmosphere is so wrapped up with despair or disaster that the sorrow of no one seems to be too big or too deep. Suddenly died, hearing this sentence, where the human mind could see the lines of worry today as if it was human Something has become irreplaceable, but sadness may be due to the death of any close, but surprisingly? Why not be surprised? 

    It looks like a blot on the name of human life. Humanity is embarrassing and at the same time forced. Even though the hand of a human being is tied in such a way as if he is a victim who has to face it today or not, but today he is unable to embrace him even if he loses his close friend only because of this virus. Do not make yourself a victim, it is a different kind of disaster on human life.

  It was probably for this situation that a word like catastrophe was invented, if after many years I lived and got an opportunity to read this article again, then this article will make me remember these heart-wrenching days . Fortunately, if our next generation reads this article, it would be very surprising to them to know these conditions, but from this tarnished and shameful period of human life, I want to inform the next generation.

  Triamam! Triamam! Human ears is compelled to listen to the same dissonant Karna clairvoyant voice in various languages ​​from the four corners of the world, the heart has become so rigid in view of today's situation that now any call comes, the human brain will hear a bad news. Gets a bit ready.
There will come a time when man will not be able to cry for human being.

   I had read this sentence in the monthly magazine sent by the Gayatri family some 4 - 5 years ago, but could not believe it was probably unimaginable then for me or any other person like me.
But today it seems as if this sentence was written for this period only. This tarnished virus has taken control of the moving world as if.

   So courageous, so terrible !!! This virus was so powerful that it was guessed last year, but I have been unable to think that the person who left the earth and raised the flag on the moon, the person who decorated his steps on the highest peak of the world, the person who cut the stone Made, that person will be forced to kneel in front of this virus, that person would have been helpless, unsuccessful or helpless, had not even imagined it.

  Human life needs a black vaccine that can respond to the stigmatized virus, which becomes the companion of the development of humanity, which can dominate the sight of humanity as a black spot.
  In such a situation, the heart has become stone due to the situation of God! Please save the earth, how many needy newborns could not get support of their parents' lap, how many old parents had sacrificed the flowers which they had grown up in their lap, how many sweethearts have sung their sweetheart. Should I consider it the end of human life?

    Oh God! You are the only support to save this world from the dreadful outbreak of this rampant virus. Man has failed, Lord, your stubborn child, your stubborn child is tired today after making all efforts, God give him some relief, your child has failed today! Flowers watered by you are withering one by one, your child made by you is kneeling in your shelter today, you cannot see your child like helpless or failed? Put an end to this destruction cycle, protect your child, your child is helpless or helpless.


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